Resubmission Guidelines

Manuscript Resubmission Procedure

Step 1) Submitting the paper: If you are resubmitting a revised manuscript, please submit it as if you were submitting a new manuscript (receiving a new number), uploading a paper under the “submit paper” button. If you resubmit by simply adding a new upload under the old paper location, the system will not notify us that there is a new submission. When resubmitting, please remember to abide by the initial manuscript submission guidelines, including removing identifying features from the manuscript (i.e., title page, properties box) and removing symbolic characters (i.e., &) from the title.

Step 2) Submitting cover letter to reviewers: If you wish to provide comments about the revision that the reviewers should read, you may submit your comments as an additional document under the “submit paper” function. Please make sure to remove all identifying elements in this comment letter. If there are identifying markers in this letter, such as the author’s name in the letter or in the properties, your letter will need to be deleted and redone before the paper can be sent out for re-review. All documents uploaded using the “submit paper” function can be seen by reviewers. Thus all documents must be stripped of identifying features.

Step 3) Submitting cover letter to editors: Please use the "submit author information" button, at which time you can identify this essay as a resubmission. Please provide us with the manuscript’s original number (identified in the editor’s letter sent to you). Anything that requires you to attach identifying features needs to be submitted using this step.